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This is a list of British television related events from 1974.


  • 5 January – Tiswas starts as a local programme in the Midlands (on ATV), but the television show wasn't fully automatically networked through ITV until 1979.
  • 8 June – Jon Pertwee makes his final regular appearance as the Third Doctor in the concluding moments of Part Six of the Doctor Who serial Planet of the Spiders. Tom Baker briefly appears as the Fourth Doctor at the conclusion of this serial.
  • 5 August – For the first time on a pre-school children's programme, the show Inigo Pipkin covers the death of the main character, Inigo, as the actor who played him (George Woodbridge) had died. The show is renamed Pipkins.
  • 23 September – The BBC teletext service Ceefax goes live with 30 pages of information.
  • 5 December - Party Political Broadcast, the final episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, is broadcast on BBC 2.
  • 28 December – Tom Baker makes his first full appearance as the Fourth Doctor in the Doctor Who serial Robot.


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